Duplicate Share Certificates Procedure

Duplicate Share Certificate Re Issue Letter / Resolution against Lost Share Certificates / on the death of a Shareholder of a listed company in India.

December 9, 2013

Anil Goyel
Karuna Nivas
14/5 Ravin Ganguly Street
Kolkata – 745 212

Dear Sir,
                        Unit: Rocket Sales Ltd
                        Sub: Issue of Duplicate Share Certificates and Transmission of shares

Please refer to your letter dated 28th September, 2013 addressed to Miss Neetu Singh (Director –Finance).

We are indeed sorry to learn the death of your wife Mrs Anu Goyel, who was a shareholder of the Company.

From the records, we find that Mrs Goyel was holding 200 shares in the Company under Folio No D000450 in her sole name. Relevant details are as follows :-

Folio No.
Certificate No.
Distinctive Nos.
No. of Shares
Anu Goyel
10602109 – 10602208
10602209 – 10602308

From your letter it appears that you have in your possession Share Certificate No 85750 for 100 shares. In case the  Share Certificate no 85751 for the balance 100 shares is not traceable, we shall have to issue duplicate Share Certificate in lieu of the one reported lost/misplaced subject to your complying with the formalities as enumerated below :- 

a)  An Indemnity Bond on Non Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs.50/- should be executed by you on behalf of the shareholder (s) as per proforma enclosed.
b)  An Affidavit duly executed and sworn in before the 1st Class Magistrate/Notary Public on a Non Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs.20/- as per enclosed format, to be submitted.

Once the duplicate certificate is issued, the entire 200 shares will be transmitted in your favour. In the normal course in case of holding in sole name we insist production of legal grant (Probate of Will or Succession Certificate or Letter of Administrtation as the case may be) for effecting the transmission. However, in your case, we shall send you the relevant procedure on completion of issue of duplicate share certificate as stated above.

Kindly also let us know if there has been a change in your address. As per our record the address of Mrs Goyel is as follows:-

C/o  Shri Anil Goyel
Karuna Nivas
14/5 Ravin Ganguly Street
Kolkata – 745 212

However, we are also sending a copy of this letter to the address registered with company.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



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