Double Billing Complaints Letter

Sample Complaint Filing for Wrong / Double Bill submission by transporter for freight payment in India in word/ .doc Format

December 8, 2013

M/s ABC Transport Agency Ltd.
14/1 N S Road
Mumbai – 458 512
Attn : Mr N C Prasad
Dear Sirs,

Sub : Double billing

With reference to the above, we had already talked to you earlier regarding double billing made by you against the transportation of our materials from our Factory to various destinations. Previously we had returned your duplicate bills submitted to us after informing you the incidence. Now we are giving below the details of the billing against your L/R No.9254186 dtd.18.08.13 for the consignment delivered to Bangalore:-

You have raised 2 bills for Rs.19,915/- against a single consignment and the Bill Nos are 4391 dtd.15.09.13, which has already been paid to you in November’13 and the 2nd Bill No is 4612 dtd.28.10.13.

This is a very serious case on your part because it is happening again and again and we are surprised that no action has been taken from your end to check the double billing.

You are, therefore, requested to please make strict arrangement to avoid duplicate billing from your end in future.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


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