Reminder Letter for Cheque Bounce

Sample Template Format of Warning letter to Customer for Cheque Dishonor / Cheque Return in word/ .doc
M/s ABC Corporation
14/1 J L Road
Mumbai – 475 545

Dear Sir,

Sub : Dishonour of Account Payee Cheque No. 00001 dtd.30.11.13
          for Rs.5,00,000/- (Rupees Five Lacs only) drawn
          by you on SBI, Nariman Point, Mumbai  (On your A/c
          No.*********) favouring Rocket Sales Ltd.

The above cheque handed over to us in part payment of your dues towards Shakti HR Coils purchased from us, was presented through our banker, ICICI Bank, Nariman Point Branch. Our bankers have informed us vide their advice dtd.05.12.13 that the above cheque has not been honoured by your banker due to the funds being insufficient in your account.

In the past also due to dishonor of your cheques you were requested to use checks and restraint while issuing cheques so that they are not returned unpaid by your banker. However, it is felt that our advice has not been taken seriously.

You will appreciate that business is run on commitments and flow of funds and, therefore, uncertainty and virtual non-payment by the debtors causes cascading effect on the finance of the creditors more so when they are not foreseen.

In view of the above, if your cheques are dishonoured in future we shall be constrained to take steps in accordance with the provisions of Negotiable Instruments Act much to your discomfiture.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



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