Payment Hold Letter Format

Sample / Template/ Example of Covering Letter Format to Transporter for Late Supply of materials to customer in word / .doc

December 5, 2013
M/s Transport Corporation of India
14/1 Bhavani Road
Mumbai – 458 545
Attn : Mr Anil Jaiswal
Dear Sirs,

This is with reference to your Bill Nos. 14541, 14584 & 14587 all dtd. 30.04.13 from Khapoli to Delhi. Since you have submitted the bills without signed acknowledgement from the party, M/s ABC Corporation, we have contacted the party regarding acknowledgement and they have informed us that the consignment was booked for Common Wealth Game (CWG) project at New Delhi and the same has informed to you also at that time but since the materials has been delivered very late, the project engineer has deducted Rs.5.00 lac as penalty for late delivery as well as they have released the payment after 6 months to the party.

Now the party has refused to give acknowledgement for the same. So we are returning herewith your aforesaid bills and request you to take up the matter with the party to resolve the issued.

It is needless to mention that as soon as the matter is resolved by you, kindly resubmit the bills along with the acknowledgment for payment of these bills.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Encl. As above


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