Customs Payment of Charges

Sample Payment Covering Letter for payment towards Custom Duty Charges in India in word / .doc Format

May 11, 2013
M/s ABC Shipping & Logistics
14/1 Lal Mandir Road
Cochin – 215 212
Attn : Mr Arun Lal /  Mr Ajay Sen
Dear Sirs,

Ref :  Purchase Order No.7800000014 dtd.20.01.13
          Bill of Lading No. WLP000010 dtd.25.03.13
          Your Invoice No.10000001011 dtd.25.03.13
          Item – 600 MT Silver Nitrate

Enclosed please find herewith a DD bearing No.1000014 dtd.11.05.13 for Rs.50,50,500/- (Rupees Fifty Lacs Fifty Thousand Five hundred only) drawn on State Bank of India, Cochin Port Branch issued in favour of The Asst. Commissioner of Customs, Cochin towards payment of Custom Duty of Silver Nitrate arrived vide Bill of Lading No. WLP000010 dtd.25.03.14 from Silvero Alumina GmbH, Germany.

Please clear the cargo from the Custom.

Please acknowledge receipt of the same.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
For Rocket Sales Ltd.

Neetu Singh
D. G. M (Material & Contract)

Encl. As above


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