Custom Duty Payment Procedure in India

Sample Covering Letter shipping company along with necessary document for payment of Custom Duty in word/ .doc Format

March 9, 2014
M/s ABC Shipping & Logistics
14/1 J K Road
Mumbai – 458 545
Attn : Mr N Vikki /  Mr J Khan
Dear Sirs,

Sub : Bill of Lading No.WL------------- dtd.15.02.14
        Vessel No. MOL VOLCANO
        Item – 600 MT of Methyl Alcohol

Enclosed please find herewith following original shipping documents of Melamine for clearing the same from custom :

1)      Invoice No. --------- Dtd.15.02.14 for USD 1,75,000.00 of M/s Methol Agrolinz   Melamine GmbH, Germany.
2)     Packing List dtd.15.02.14
3)     Bill of Lading No. WL---------- dtd.15.02.14
4)     Specification of Cargo
5)     Certificate of Origin No.L -------- dtd.10.02.14
6)     Insurance Certificate No.BAM ------, Policy No.-------------- date of issue 10.01.2014
7)     Beneficiary’s Certificate dtd.15.02.14
8)     Certificate from Shipping Company’s Agent, DHL Global Forwarding certifying that the carrying Vessel is seaworthy and is not more than 20 years old.

In addition to above, also please find xerox copies of following documents :
(a) Copy of LC No.----------------- dtd.25.01.14 (b) Copy of Purchase Order No.---------- dtd.20.01.14 (c) Copy of Proforma Invoice No. --------------- dtd.23.01.14 (d) Copy of Indent Ref. No. -------------- dtd.19.01.14.

Please file the Bill of Entry on arrival of the cargo and clear the same. Please give us custom duty working sheet to enable us to remit the same.

Please file the Bill of Entry after our confirmation on arrival of the cargo. The material may please be handed over to M/s Transport Corporation of India, Mumbai for transportation to our Works at Khapoli (Navi Mumbai) once the material is cleared from custom. The name & Telephone No. of the concerned person of M/s Transport Corporation of India, Mumbai is Mr Mohit, Mob : No. ---------------

Please acknowledge receipt of the same.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
For Rocket Sales Ltd.

Neetu Singh
General Manager (Material & Contract)

Encl. As above

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