Affidavit For School License

Free Template / Sample Private School Affidavit format from Secretary / CA for Affiliation from CBSE / ICSE in word/ .doc


I, Neetu Singh, Daughter of Shri Shivji Singh residing at 14/5 India Gate, New Delhi – 124 123 aged about 23 years, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as follows:

(1)   That I am the Secretary of New Delhi Private School, having its School premises at Pritampura, within the P.S. New Delhi – 123 654.

(2)  That I am acquainted with the facts and circumstances and competent to swear this affidavit.

(3)  That New Delhi Private School has sought affiliation of the School from CBSE / ICSE Board and for that purpose N.O.C. from the Education Department, Government of India is desired.

(4)  That as desired by the Education Department for issuing N.O.C to the School I undertake that I will not claim financial assistance from Central and State Government.

(5)  I further undertake that I will pay my teaching and non-teaching staff as per Central / State Government aided pay scale.

I, the above named deponent, swear and affirm that the statements in para 1 to 5 above are true to my knowledge.

For New Delhi Private School
Place : New Delhi

Date :       


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