Notes on Directors

Sample Template Format for Notes on Number of Directors of a Public Limited Company (Listed) in India

Note on Directors of RSL


(a)    As per the Article 73 of the Articles of Association of RSL, the Company shall have not less than 5 Directors and not more than 12. Presently, there are only 4 Directors on the Boar, viz.

(i)   Shri Anil Sen, Promoter Director
(ii)  Shri Ajit Agarwal, Independent Director
(iii) Shri Anwar Shah,  Promoter Director
(iv) Shri Amar Roy, Independent Director.

(b)    However, as per Section 252 of the Companies Act, every Public Ltd Company shall have atleast 3 Directors.

(c)    Since Articles of Association require 5 Directors, the Company should appoint one more Director to meet the requirement of Article 73 of the Articles of Association.

(d)   However, in case the Company does not want to appoint one more Director, Article 73 of the Articles of Association should be altered and the alteration has to be approved by the Shareholders of the Company.

The said inclusion of director, if any, has to be made before 31/03/2014.

Please advice.

Rocket Sales Ltd.

Neetu Singh
Company Secretory


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