Temporary Credit Limit Increase Letter

Sample / Template Request Letter to Bank Manager (SBI, ICICI, AXIS, IDBI, PNB, HSBC, HDFC etc.) for Sanction of Temporary Bill Discounting Limit in word/.doc Format

September 17, 2013

The General Manager
State Bank of India
Voltas House
Mumbai 458 545

Dear Sir,

Reg : Sanction of Temporary Adhoc Bills Discounting Limit
          for Rs50 lacs under Inland Letter of Credit.

We are to inform you that we have procured a order supported with Letter of Credit issued by BANK OF BARODA in favour of our company for Rs.4500000.00. The LC has been issued by Bank of Baroda, Chennai and Advising Bank is Yourselves.

We are yet to receive advice of Letter of credit opened by M/s ABC CORPORATION on 08.09.2013 from you, however we enclose herewith a copy of the abovementioned Letter of credit received from the opener of the credit.

As we do not have Letter of Credit Discounting Limit with any of the consortium member banks, we request you to allow us Adhoc Bills Discounting Limit for Rs50 lacs under Inland Letter of Credit for discounting of the Bills under the above LC received by us in our favour as we have already started dispatching material.

Due to Festival time we are incurring huge statutory payments as well as to pay in advance for continuous supply of Raw Material to run the factory. At the same time our realization will get delayed this month as it happens every year.

To overcome such situation, we trust you will kindly allow us Adhoc Bills Discounting Limit for Rs.50 lacs under Inland Letter of Credit, till we get a regular limit in our next sanction which is due in the next month. 

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
For Rocket Sales Limited

Authorised Signatory 

Encl. As above


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