Cheque Clearing Letter to Bank

Sample Authorisation / Request Letter to Bank for Clearance of company’s Cheque with Single Signature

June 6, 2013              

The Deputy General Manager,
State Bank of India
45/1 N S Road
Bangalore – 458 545

Dear Sir,

Reg : Issue  of following  two cheques with single signature.

We are to inform you that inadvertently we have issued following two cheques with single signature.

1.         Cheque no 096864 dt. 25.05.2013 for Rs.100000.00 fvg. Accounts Officer CashBSNL C/OGMTD

2.        Cheque no 096865 dt. 25.05.2013 for Rs.100000.00 fvg. Accounts Officer CashBSNL C/OGMTD

As per mandate recorded with you, all our cheques are to be signed jointlly (By two signatories). Since the cheques are issued in favour of BSNL we request you to accept and honour the cheques to debit of our account with you.

We do hereby confirm your action for honouring the cheques and also confirm that above cheques have been issued by us.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfullly
For Rocket Sales Ltd.

Authorised signatories

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