HR Policy of A Company

Sample / Template / Example of Human Resource rule and regulations in India for attendance, late coming & traveling in a company


Attendance, Late & Travel etc. Rules for Officers-

1. Attendance:-

Employees will have to enter their attendance by logging into the attendance scanner/ signing the attendance register.

2. Working Hours:-

The normal working for offices will be from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., with half an hour recess for lunch. For Factory, there will be general shift and other shifts as per the present system.

3. Late Arrival:-

A grace period of 15 minutes will be permitted for arrival. If an employee comes late for 3 days in any month, one day casual/earned leave will be deducted. Habitual latecomers/leaving before time shall be liable for disciplinary action.

4. Travel:-

a) For local outdoor duty, employees shall obtain prior sanction from appropriate authority on OD slip, and deposit with HR Department prior to departure.

b) For outside city tour, employees shall obtain prior sanction from appropriate authority on OD slip and submit to HR Department prior to departure. The sanctioned OD slips shall be the basis for maintaining attendance.

5. Leave:-

a) Prior application and sanction of all types of leave (CL/SL/PL) is required (mere submission of application shall not be treated as de-facto sanction). For planned leave, application form must be filled up, details of available leave records entered, obtain prior sanction obtained from Departmental Head and submit to HR Department prior to departure. In case of EMERGENCY, Department Head may sanction leave telephonically. However necessary leave form should be completed on first working day of rejoining duty.

b) For Medical Leave SL is subjected to submission of appropriate Doctor’s Certificate.

c) In case Sanctioned OD/Leave documents are not submitted to HR Department, absence shall be marked unauthorized absence as “Without Pay”.

Even if an employee has no leave to his/her credit, prior sanction will be required for “Leave Without Pay” otherwise shall be marked as “unauthorised absence”.

In case of recurring unauthorized leave, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

6. Notice Period:-

a) For Manager & above notice period shall be 60 days from the date of resignation.

b) For employees of other grades other than mentioned above notice period shall be 30 days from the date of resignation.

c) During probation period/and for trainees, notice period shall be one day.

7. Probation Period:-

Persons newly recruited to any post shall be placed on probation for a period of 6 months generally from the date of appointment. Based on the performance of employee probation period may be extended in writing at the discretion of the appointing authority.

Only those employees found suitable shall be confirmed in writings as regular employees.

8. Retirement Age:-

Employees shall retire on attaining the age of 58 years. The Management may grant extension of service based on needs and exigency of work at its sole discretion.


a) In case of absence for continuous period of 8 (eight) days (inclusive of absence when leave, though applied for, is not granted or when overstay for more than 8 (eight) consecutive days would entail automatic loss of your job without any notice or intimation by the Management.

b) Appointments are made on the basis of particulars such as qualifications etc. furnished by an employee and in case any such information as given found to be false or incorrect, the appointment will be deemed to be void-ab-initio and liable for termination without any notice or salary in lieu of notice.

c) Residential address as indicated in employee’s application for appointment shall be deemed to be correct for sending any communication and every communication addressed at the given address shall be deemed to have served upon.

d) The Company will extend all cooperation and assistance in the discharge of duties and responsibilities.

e) In case there will be any change in residential address an employee will intimate the same in writing to the HR Department within three days of such change and get such change of address recorded.

f) Notwithstanding anything herein contained, in the event of breach of any of the foregoing terms and conditions of which the company shall be the sole judge, it shall be lawful for the company to dismiss the employee and terminate his/her services without notice but without prejudice to any right, action, claim or demand of the Company or to obtain damages or compensation, resulting from such breach or to any other right by way of injunction or otherwise.

g) It is agreed that any dispute of whatsoever nature between the employee and the management will be referred to an arbitrator (Mgr of the Company) as per provision of the Indian Arbitration Act, 1996 whose decision shall be final and binding upon the parties.

The Company shall have the right to suspend from work without pay or dismiss the employee without notice or withhold increment or payment in lieu of notice or any other compensation for any of the following causes:

a) Insubordination including disobedience of orders from superiors.

b) Misconduct either inside or outside the premises or works of the Company.

c) Corruption or dishonesty.

d) Neglect of duty or incompetence.

e) Theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with the Company’s business or property.

f) Conviction for a criminal offence.

g) Absenting without Leave

h) Habitual late coming.

i) Drunkenness or riotous or disorderly behavior during working hours or any act subversive of discipline or efficiency.

Dated – 01/02/2014                                                                 (Amit Jain)
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