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We at Rocket Sales Limited welcome you to join the family of Stabnet Group of Companies with Vision and the corporate symbol of 21st Century Atlas, the symbol of strong foundation, substained growth and proven leadership.

We at Rocket Sales Limited have to keep pace with the same.

Here in Rocket Sales Limited, we endeavor to provide congenial environment for personal and professional growth through dedication and excellence in work.


01.    These Rules shall be called “Service Rules” and shall apply to all Officers and Staff of the Company not governed by the provisions of the Standing Orders.

02.    Scope: The Regulations have been framed to define the terms and conditions of service of the officer and staff provided the appointing authority shall have power to vary the terms and conditions in regard to any or all of the service matters mentioned herein, in respect of officer and staff of any class or category of officer and staff posted at any of its offices.

03.    Recruitment Policy: In regard to recruitment to the various posts and matters connected thereto, the provisions of the recruitment and Promotion Policy as may be framed/amended from time to time shall be applicable to the officer and staff of the company.

04.    Appointment Policy:  All the appointments shall be made in the name of the establishment under the order of the Director and all such appointments shall be signed by him or any officer duly authorized on his behalf.  No other letter of appointment except as issued according to these rules shall be held as valid.

05.    Probation:

a)     Persons newly recruited to any post shall be placed on probation for a period of 6 months generally from the date of such appointment which may be extended in writing at the discretion of the appointing authority.

b)     Progress: Progress of the new recruits will be monitored during the probation period.  Before the end of probation period new recruits will have to undergo a formal appraisal process.

During the period of probation or extended period of probation, the appointing authority may terminate the appointment of a new recruit without assigning any reason therefore.

06.    Confirmation:    All the officers and staff members will be eligible for confirmation on satisfactory completion of the period of probation or earlier thereto.

07.    Promotions Policy:  Promotion to all posts shall be made in accordance with the Promotion Policy.  However, the appointing authority can exercise his discretionary powers for deciding the promotion of any employee on case to case basis on merit.

08.    Resignation/Termination of Service:  If a permanent officer/staff wishes to resign, he/she must give one month notice or salary in lieu thereof.  Similarly, the company shall not terminate the services of any officer or staff without giving one month notice or salary in lieu thereof.  However, the Director of the Company shall have power to waive the notice period in case of resignation either in full or in part in special cases.

09.    Hours of working:      The working hours in the office of the establishment will be from 10.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. or such other time as may be notified by the management.  Staff/Officers shall be allowed half an hour recess for lunch.  An employee is allowed to card punch up to 12.30 p.m. only.  After that he/she will not be allowed to Punch the Card until and unless special approval is obtained from higher authority.

For outdoor duty and outside tour, the employees will give OD/Tour Slip to Personnel Department well in advance.

10.    Punctuality:  Every officer/Staff will observe punctuality. 15 minutes grace time will be allowed for reporting duty in the morning.  If, however, an officer and staff is found coming late after the specified time for 3 days in any month, 1 casual leave/earned leave will be deducted from his account.  Besides, an officer and staff shall be liable for disciplinary action for habitual late coming or leaving before time.

11.    Casual & Sick Leave:  Every employee will be allowed 8 days casual leave and 5 days sick leave per year with full salary.  In case of shorter duration the same shall be on prorate basis.  An officer and staff may be granted casual leave upto 4 days at a time.

This leave may be prefixed or suffixed to weekly offs or other declared holidays.  Casual leave is non-cumulative.  Prior sanction for casual leave will be essential except in case of emergency, when information must be sent at the earliest opportunity.

Sick Leave to the maximum of 5 days in one year will be allowed to an officer and staff on production of a certificate from a registered medical practitioner.  The management shall, however, have the right to verify the facts of such sickness by any reasonable means including examination by company’s own medical officer and the officer and staff shall have to present himself for such examination.  If the management has reasons to disbelieve the cause of sickness, it may not grant such leave.

12.    Privilege Leave:

a)     Every Officer and Staff will be entitled to privilege leave at the rate of 30 days for every completed period of 12 months.  Officers & Staff during the probation period will not be allowed to avail of any privilege leave, but, however, this leave will accrue and be credited to their Account.

b)     15 days Privilege leave will be credited to the account of each officer and staff at the end of each six months.

c)      Ordinarily, the privilege leave shall be granted only thrice a year at the discretion of the management, but in exceptional circumstances like marriage, death of near relatives, sickness it may be granted even beyond the schedule at the sole discretion of the management.

d)     On termination of the service of an officer and staff by discharge or resignation, the privilege leave standing to the credit of the officer and staff (up to a limit of 240 days) may be paid by the Company in full on the basis of basic salary drawn by him at the time of leaving the service.

Encashment of Leave:  Rule of encashment of Privilege Leave is as follows:

Upto Rs.15,000/-                 …      100% over 30 days
Rs.15001/- to Rs.25000/-             …      90% over 45 days
Rs.25001/- to Rs.35000/-             …      80% over 45 days
Rs.35001/- to Rs.55000/-             …      70% over 45 days
Rs.55001/- to Rs.80000/-     …      60% over 120 days
Rs. 80001/- and above         …      100% over 200 days

13.    Maternity Leave:       Every woman employee, whether employed directly or through a contractor, who has actually worked in the establishment for a period of at least 80 days during the 12 months immediately preceding the date of her expected delivery, is entitled to receive maternity benefit.

        The qualifying period of 80 days shall not apply to a woman who has immigrated into the State of Assam and was pregnant at the time of immigration.

        For calculating the number of days on which a woman has actually worked during the preceding 12 months, the days on which she has been laid off or was on holidays with wages, shall also be counted.

        Six weeks before delivery and 6 weeks after delivery, Leave to be granted with pay.

14.    Leave without pay:

Leave without pay may be granted at the discretion of the management in exceptional cases, but only when there is no privilege leave outstanding or due to the officer and staff.

1)     Leave shall be granted at the convenience of the management and nothing will limit the free discretion of the management to refuse, revoke and/or cut short the leave period and ask the employee concerned to report immediately as the exigencies of the company’s work may require.

2)     Any weekly off or holiday, falling at the beginning or at the end of the leave period or both, shall not be counted as a part of the leave period.  However, any weekly off or any other holiday wherever applicable falling between the first and last day of the leave period shall be counted as part of the leave taken.

3)     Officers and Staff leaving station on leave shall have to obtain approval of the competent authority and shall leave behind his full address of the outstation where he intends to stay during leave period.

4)     For the purpose of determining leave entitlements, any period of absence on the following counts shall count as service period;

a)     Privilege Leave
b)     Casual Leave
c)      Sick Leave
d)     Maternity Leave
e)     Absence during training period if sent by the Company
f)      Outside duty and or touring of company’s business
g)     Leave without pay, but sanctioned
h)     Or otherwise eligible under any statute

5)     An application for privilege leave should be made in writing in the prescribed form 15 days prior to commencement of leave.  The period of advance intimation may be waived in special exigencies.

6)     Absence without prior permission from the competent authority shall amount to breach of discipline and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the erring officer and staff.

15.    Festival & National Holidays

Every officer & staff shall be entitled to festival and national holidays as is/will be in force or as may be declared by the Management.

16.    Absence and abandonment of service

If an officer and staff is found absent during working hours from his place of work, he shall be liable for disciplinary action.

17.    Transfer Policy

Every Officer and Staff shall be liable to be transferred from one place to another from one department to another and as per other terms and conditions contained in the appointment letter.

18.    Misconduct & Disciplinary Measures / Action

An Officer and Staff can be subjected to disciplinary action for misconduct, Negligence of duty, violation of Company’s rules.

19.    Leave Travel Assistance & Reimbursement of Medical Expenses:

Rules of the above as framed separately and are in force, shall be applicable.  At present we are giving 8.33% of LTA and 8.33% of reimbursement of Medical expenses to all employees, those are not under ESI. The ESI limit is Rs. 10,000/- gross salary.  For the employees, who are under ESI Scheme, the Company is contributing @ 4.75% and deducting from the employee @ 1.75% of their total gross salary.

The Company is generally paying the LTA once in a year i.e. in the month of February every year and Medical reimbursement twice in a year i.e. in August and February every year.  Advance against LTA and Medical will be sanctioned by the Management through his/her Departmental head, in case of emergency.

If any employee, who was earlier getting reimbursement of Medical and after that as per amendment of ESI Rules, if he/she is covered under ESI Act, some compensation/difference of Medical expenses could be given to such employees.

20.    Statutory and other benefits:  Staff and Officers shall be entitled to benefits and amenities as applicable as per statute and as may be prevailing as per the Company’s Policy.  At present following perquisites are given:

a)     P.F. @ 12%.
b)     Gratuity as per Gratuity Act.
c)      LTA and Medical benefit @ 8.33% each.
d)     HRA - Minimum 5% HRA to be given to each employees working in Delhi.
e)   Tiffin allowance @ Rs.1325/- per month to staff members and Rs. 1215/- to Peons working at Head Office.
f)      Bonus @ 8.33%

21.    Retirement Policy:

a)     An Officer and Staff shall retire on attaining the age of 58 years.  The management may, however, grant extension of service based on needs and exigency of work at its sole discretion for such period or periods as it deems fit.

b)     An Officer and Staff shall be liable to be retired earlier on medical ground if he becomes physically or mentally unfit to discharge his normal duties.

22.    General Rules :  These rules shall be subject to any addition/ substitution/ alteration and amendment at the discretion of the management and the officers and staff shall be governed by the rules which may be in force from time to time.

As regards interpretation of the rules stated above, the decision of the appointing authority shall be final.

The Company is having Gratuity Fund, Superannuation Fund, Leave Encashment Fund and EDLI Facility and the amount is deposited with the LIC, in which life risk is covered for each employee.  If anything is happened to the employee before the retirement age, all the benefits will be given to him/her by LIC.

Half-day leave can be taken by an Employee for urgency of work i.e. first half he can join at 1.30 p.m. or second half, he can leave office at 1.30 p.m.

For Managerial grade or Officers of the Company, new Brief case will be provided for the Company’s use as per separate entitlement.

23.    Reward & Recognition:

This policy not only provided for a one time pat-on-the back recognition for job done well but also for recognizing outstanding achievements.  The salary administration system ensures merit increments that reflect performance.  Reward and recognition go beyond promotion, awards, increment and perquisites.  We shall endeavour to constantly look at some intrinsic rewards such as self development, job enlargement, higher responsibilities and independent charge of operation.

24.    Salary Advance

The Company is giving, at present, a maximum advance of three months’ salary on urgent need of the employees and the advance will be given maximum 3 times in a year. At present we are deducting in 6 equal installments.

Housing Loan:  A maximum of Rs. 20,00,000/- as Housing loan can be granted to an employee, who has completed more than 5 years in service.  An interest of 8% p.a. will be charged by the Company and the total amount will be realized from the employee in 60 monthly installments. 

Advance against expenses:  Whenever any employee goes on tour, he will get some advance from the Company and the Tour bill should be submitted immediately after return from Tour.

Advance against purchase:  For purchase of any material/ articles can also get some advance and immediately after the purchase, he will submit the account.

No further advance will be given until and unless prior advance is cleared.

25.    Travel Policy

Traveling schedule for Head Office employees and Branch employees are enclosed separately.

26.    Car Policy and Car Advance

For purchase of Car/Scooter for sales employees, Company is giving 75% of loan without interest, which will be deducted in 36 installments.   All the connected papers relating to purchase of Car is mortgaged by the employees in favour of the Company.  After refund of the full loan amount, the necessary papers will be released to the concerned employees.  The Car is given to Vice President and above Grades.

27.    Conveyance

For visiting Company’s work at outside market, actual reimbursement of Taxi/Auto/car hire fare to be reimbursed to the concerned employee.  Peons are entitled to avail Bus/Auto fare and other Officers are entitled taxi fare.  On emergency/urgency of work, peons are also entitled to taxi fare subject to approval from the Management.

28.    Bonus/Ex-gratia

Minimum 8.33% Bonus is paid to the employees and as declared by the Management from time to time as per Bonus Act.  If anybody is falling under ceiling of Bonus, the difference of 8.33% is giving as Ex-gratia.  Marriage ex-gratia is giving in the following manner:

Marriage of any employee                     …            Rs. 50,000/-
Marriage of any employee’s son/daughter …    Rs. 25,000/-
Marriage of any our Dealer’s Children…            (A Gift Cheque of Rs. 5000/- or Rs. 10000/-)

 29.   Incentive Policy:

Sales Incentive and Production Incentives are given to the employees as decided by the Management from time to time on the basis of target given to the concerned sales personnel.

30.    Field Working allowance

Reimbursement of Field Working Allowance/Petrol Expenses/ Maintenance of Vehicle is also giving to sales personnel as per separate chart enclosed.

31.    Annual Appraisal

The Annual Appraisal Forms are filled up by the concerned employees and promotion is decided on the basis of Appraisal Form.

32.    Superannuation Fund

The Superannuation Fund of 15% of basic salary is given to Vice President and above Grades.

33.    Reimbursement of telephone/ Mobile  expenses

Telephone / Mobile facility at residence of the Officers / Staff of the Company is given for Company’s work.  This facility is given to All Staff Members of above grades.


We provide the following welfare facilities to our staff:-

01.    Annual Picnic for officers/staff.
02.    Tea provided to employees free of cost twice in a day.
03.    Holimilan programme
04.    Tea and Tiffin giving for working after office hours.
05.    Tiffin allowance giving to every employees monthly.
06.    Small Gift on the occasion of Diwali to every staff amounting to Rs. 250/-.
07.    Small Gift on completion of 10 years of service – TITAN Wrist Watch worth Rs. 20000/- (approx.)
08.    Uniform/Socks/Shoes to Peon every year on Company’s Cost.
09.    Umbrella, Raincoat and Sweater in alternate years
10.    Fooding expenses to Peon for working after office hours.
11.    Personal Accident Policies for all employees for Head Office and Branches


Give due credit to others for their achievements and share credit with others for your own achievements.

Recognize need for interdependence and cultivate an attitude for team work.

Share your knowledge, information and expertise with others and respect the knowledge and expertise of others.  Learn from them.

Communicate about anything going wrong or getting delayed to all concerned.  Do not presume others know all out it.

Help others in solving problems.

Politeness and quality courtesy always pay.

Be alert to the causes and indications of problems.  Rectify problems using your own knowledge and skills at the first instance.  Do not hesitate to seek help guidance from others.

Keep proper record of all problems, their analysis and action taken.  These will be useful material for future reference.

At the start of the day, make it a point to check your equipment, materials needed and information to perform your job effectively.

Avoid wastage in all forms-materials, idle machines, energy, etc.

Be punctual at your work place.

Always try to learn and improve your knowledge and skills.

This will go a long way in making this plant an excellent organization, where we all would enjoy working and be proud to be a member of Rocket Sales Ltd. Family.

Proposal For Discussion to Introduce Some New Service Rules.

A.    Compensatory rest:  We are having 5 days working in a week i.e. Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday are weekly rest days.  If any employees work on holidays, Saturdays or Sundays due to urgency of work with prior approval from Management, he can take one day compensatory rest within 2 months from his working on holidays and will be treated as compensatory rest day.  In that case, no holiday allowance will be paid to those employees.
B.    Maximum Leave accumulation can be 300 days & at the time of Encasement , Amount should be 100% over 60 Days for all Category.
C.    1/ 2 Leave( CL / PL/ SL) to be introduce,
D.   The Company is giving, at present, a maximum advance of three months’ salary on urgent need of the employees and the advance will be given maximum 3 times in a year.  This will be deducted in 12 monthly equal installments instead of 6 EMI.
E.     An employee is allowed to card punch up to 10.30 A.M. only.  After that he/she will not be allowed to Punch the Card until and unless special approval is obtained from higher authority. Presently it is flexible ; up to 12.30Pm
F.     Nature & Principal of Promotion should be clear/ changes,
G.    Tiffin Allowance should be Review,
H.   Introduce FAREWELL Policy for all left employees,
I.      PL balance of all employees credited every month 2/3 alternatively.


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