Closed Bank Account Letter

Format / Sample / Template / Example of Request Application Letter to Bank for Issue of Certificate against Closed Bank Account Ownership (Due to Payment Received against Closed Bank Account)

April 24, 2013

The General Manager
State Bank of India
BKC Branch
Mumbai – 458 545

Dear Sir,

We are to inform you that we have received an old payment by an Account Payee Cheque favouring Rocket Sales Ltd. – State Bank of India A/c No. -----------01 from M/s ABC Corporation Ltd. for Rs.26.00 lacs.

Please note that our above A/c No. was with your G.S. Road branch which has been closed after transfer of our A/c and limit from Mumbai with you.

Since the cheque is Account Payee on your G S Road Branch A/c No (since closed), we approached the drawer i.e. M/s ABC Corporation Ltd. for change of A/c No. for depositing the cheque with you for credit in our CC A/c No.--------02 which they have declined and insisted for a certificate from you mentioning therein that we are having CC A/c No. -----------01 with you.

So you are requested to issue a certificate that Rocket Sales Ltd. having Account CC A/c No.---------01c with you to enable us to approach the drawer for change of the A/c No. mentioned in the cheque (copy enclosed).

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Encl. As above

You can also download the above format from here in Word Document


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