Affidavit Format in India

Sample / Template / Example of General Affidavit for Material Procurement License / Material Fact / Material Participation / Material Stored in word/.doc on behalf of company

I, Anil Jadav, aged about 35 years, son of Late Vimal Jadav, by occupation Service, resident of Flat No. ------------------- Mumbai (Maharashtra), do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as follows :

(1)  That I am working as Manager (Purchase) with M/s Rocket Sales Ltd., Factory - situated at Vill. Khapoli, Post & Dist. Navi Mumbai, Pin – 415 215, having its Head Office at Niraml Building, 16th Floor, 45/4 Nariman Point Mumbai – 452 124.

(2)  That I am submitting this affidavit in connection with grant of license for storage of CLO (calibrated Lump Ore) for above named company as required to produce before the competent authority-cum-Dy. Director of Mines NMDC Bacheli as prescribed vide Rule ------ of Jharkhand Minerals  Rule ------.

(3)    That the mining dues clearance certificate is required for grant of CLO license for CLO under Sub-rule --- of Rule- --------of Jharkhand Minerals (Prevention) of theft, smuggling and illegal mining (regulation of possession, storage, trading and transportation) Rule- -----.

(4)    That I declare the Company has not held any ML/PL/QL both for Major and Minor minerals in the State of Jharkhand . Hence no mining dues is outstanding against the Company to be payable to Government of Jharkhand.

(5)    That I swear this affidavit in the court to day to produce before the Director of Mines, Jharkhand r for issuing Mining dues Clearance Certificate in our favour in connection with new Mineral Trading CLO License under the Maharashtra Minerals Rules- ------.

(6)  That I do hereby declare that neither myself nor the above said company have ever been convicted in any case relating to theft or smuggling or illegal mining or illegal transporting of illegal storage of minerals.

(7)  That Rocket Sales Ltd. has no CLO mines.

(8)  The facts stated above are all true to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Identified by me

Place : Mumbai

Date : November 19, 2013


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