Write Petition Format for High Court

Sample / Template / Example of Writ Petition for Delhi high court / Bombay high court / Mumbai high court / Karnataka high court etc for Sales Tax Exemption

WRIT PETITION – IN THE HIGH COURT OF --------------------- 


KJC No.816 of 2008 – Central Sales Tax Act
KJC No.819 of 2008 – kerala Sales Tax Act

1. By notification dated 16.08.2005 Sales Tax exemption was granted for five years.

2. By a notification dated 08.07.2007 the notification dated 16.08.2005 was amended by incorporating the words “From the 1st December, 1995.” The effect of this notification is that the exemption would be applicable with retrospective effect.

3. The company filed two Writ Petitions against the notification dated 08.07.2007 so that the exemption is applicable with prospective effect from 01.12.1995 and not from 01.12.2005.

4. There was an order in our favour in Writ Petition KJC No.816 of 2008 while the order Writ Petition i.e. No.819 is pending.


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