Sample Shop Lease Agreement Format

Template / Example of Shop Rent Contract for 3 Years in word / doc for India


This Deed of lease made this 24th day of December 2012 between Mrs. ________________ age ___ years, W/o Mr. _______________ age __ years, S/o Late _________ and Mrs _____________ age _____ years W/o Mr. ________ residing at ______________________________ herein after called LESSOR of the one Part

M/s _____________________________, having its registered office at __________________________ and Head Office at ________________________________________ represented by Mr _____________, General Manager (Finance & Accounts) herein after called the LESSEE of the other part, Witnesses, that in consideration of the rent contained the lessor hereby grants to the Lessee a lease of the Shop, more fully described in schedule below to hold the same to the Lessee for a term of 36 months at a Rent of Rs.19,800/- (Rupees Nineteen thousand eight hundred only) per month for 3300 Sq.ft of place of Shop subject to the following conditions : 
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-:  2  :-
The LESSEE hereby agrees with the LESSOR as follows.

I)     The lease money for the demised premises is payable per month to Landlord individually as detailed hereunder :

a)    Mrs ___________ –  Rs.6600/- (Rupees Six thousand six hundred only)
b)    Mr ____________  –  Rs.6600/- (Rupees Six thousand six hundred only)
c)    Mrs ___________   –  Rs.6600/- (Rupees Six thousand six hundred only)

II)            To pay electricity bills timely of his meter.

III) To agree to pay Rs 5,00,000/- (Rupees Five lacs only) as an advance out of which Rs.4,40,600/- (Rupees Four lacs forty thousand six hundred only) will be adjusted from the rent payable per month in 36 equal installments and balance will be retain as security deposit and the same will be returned to lessee at the time of vacating of the Shop premises.

IV) Not to carry on or permit to be carried on any obnoxious trade or business in the same Shop during the term of lease.

V) With the consent of the Lessor not to assign his interest in the said Shop under this deed nor under said or part with the possession of the same or any part thereof to any person whatsoever or to make any alternation therein.

VI) It is further agreed to hike the rent by @10% per annum.

VII) Rent will be paid 7th of next month.

VIII) Payment of the rent will be effective only from the date on which the possession of the said premises will be taken by the LESSEE. 
Contd…. P/3

-:  3  :-
2. The LESSOR hereby agrees with the LESSEE as follows :

I)       At all time during the period of Lease to keep the said Shop or place in good condition, repair and pay taxes and rent if any to proper authority.

II)      That the Lessee is paying rent hereby reserved and observing the conditions herein contained shall quietly and peacefully possess and enjoy the same Shop/premises during the period of lease without any interruption and disturbance by the lessor or any persons claiming under him / her. 

III)     It is further agreed the term lessor and Lessee herein used shall included as well as the succession and assign of the respective parties, at the parties themselves.

IV)    The Lessee shall have the option to terminate the lease of the demised Shop/ premises at any time during the tendency of the lease, by giving one month notice.  

V)     The lessor shall have the option to terminate the lease of the demised Shop/premises during the tendency by giving minimum 3 (Three) month notice.

VI)    Upon termination and/ or earlier determination of this agreement, Lessee shall have Liberty to remove and take away to all his properties, fitting and fixture, equipment & machineries from the demised Shop.

VII)   If there may be any acquisition of the demised Shop and/or if the demised Shop is damage in part or full by any act of god, the LESSOR shall repair it immediately or the LESSEE shall be at liberty to put an end to this agreement forthwith in part or full as the case may be.
Contd…. P/4

-:  4  :-

VIII) It is agreed that parking place for Lorry’s will be provided inside the compound.

IX)    It is further agreed that Electricity connection will be provided by lessor.


A Pucca cemented floored Shop with asbestos roof and surrounded with Pucca wall having 100 feet of length  and 33 feet of width (i.e. 3300 Sq.ft) with 2 shutter doors, situated at __________________________________.

In witness whereof the parties have set thereof hands after understanding the contents herein.

( _________ )

( __________ )

( __________ )

       Lessor                                                                                                Lessee




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