Sample Request Letter for Quality Inspection

Template Quaility Complaint Letter with asking for Quality Inspection

December 14, 2013

Supplier Name
Supplier Address

Dear Suppler Name,

We thank you for coming with your team to Mumbai on 05.12.2013 and meeting _________ and his team comprising of _______ and myself for discussing the outstanding matters.

During the meeting, we apprise you of the serious quality issues found in the _(Material) supplied by you against our Order No. ________ dated 16.04.2013.  We also handed over to you two sample pieces, one belonging to first consignment against Order No. _______ dated 13.12.2012, which was good quality materials and the other one belonging to the second Consignment against our Order No. ___________ dated 16.04.2012.  However, it would be much better if your representative or your manufacturer’s representative can visit Pune and Mumbai, where we can show you actual sites where these materials have been supplied and the difficulties faced by our clients.

We had also supplied a large quantity of materials to a client in Delhi, where these materials were installed and the client was so upset that they have burned the materials So, at present, we cannot show you anything in Delhi.

Please let us know when you are deputing your competent representative because we feel that this quality issue needs to be looked into deeply and properly investigated so as to avoid recurrence of such thing in future.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully



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