Sample Letter for Refund of Excess Payment

Template / example of request Letter for Refund against Excess Amount Paid on Account of Courier Charges

Rocket /12-13/254
March 16, 2013

M/s Supplier Name
Supplier Address

Attn : Mr Siltan Mirja 
Dear Sirs,

Sub : Excess paid amount

This has reference to your Invoice No. --------- dtd.16.02.13, we have paid courier charges Rs.150/- but actual courier charges charged by FedEx Courier (P) Ltd. Rs.30/- only according their Docket No. ---------- dtd.17.02.13, photocopy enclosed herewith.

Therefore, you are requested to refund Rs.120/- by Account Payee Cheque in favour of our Company’s name.

This is for your kind information and arrange to refund excess amount paid by us.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
For Rocket Sales Corporation Ltd.


Encl. As above


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