Sample Letter for Excess Amount Charges in Invoice

Template Letter for Wrong rate Applied in Invoice 

Rocket /12-13/244
February 4, 2013
Through Courier
M/s Supplier Name
Supplier Address
Attn : Mr Surav Singh

Dear Sirs,

We would like to bring to your kind notice that we have placed our Purchase Order No.------------------------ dtd.30.12.12, accordingly your offer Ref. No. ----- dtd. 30.12.12. We are enclosing herewith photocopy of same offer and above noted Purchase Order copy for your reference and information.

We have received your Invoice No.---- dtd.15.01.13 with Excise Invoice both copies also you have charged @ Rs.235/- per Kg instead of @ Rs.211/- per Kg, Excise Duty should be @ Rs.26/- per kg inclusive in price as per Purchase Order and your offer but we are getting E.D @ Rs.23.59 per kg instead of Rs.26/- per kg as per Purchase Order.

Our Works Accounts will pass your Invoice as per Purchase Order’s rate and deduct the difference amount of excise duty from your said invoice.

This is for your ready reference and information please.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
For Rocket Sales Corporation Ltd.

MANAGER (PURCHASE)                  

Note :
We are enclosing herewith Photocopy of your under noted documents.
-          Invoice No.---- dtd.15.01.13 with Excise Invoice No.-----.
-     P.O. copy Ref. No.----------- dtd.30.12.12 with your offer Ref. No. --- dtd.30.12.12.


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