Sample Customer Complaint Reply Letter

Example / Template for reply letter format for Customer Quality Complain with adjustment for material return.
                                                                                       Dated : 22.10.2012
Customer Name
Customer Address

Subject :- Quality Complaint
Dear Sir,

This has reference to our Inv. No. -------------- dt --------- vide which 25mm Small HR Coils 225 Pcs were desptched from our factory at Khapoli Maharashtra. On hearing from you regarding the quality complaint, Mumbai Plant head, Shri N K Narakde made a visit to your works to attend the quality complaint.

Having received the report, it has been decided to lift back 25mm Small HR Coils 40 pcs out of above materials supplied.

Since the transportation cost from your works to our factory is very high, you are requested to send the rejected lot of 40 pcs to our Pune branch godown to save the transportation cost.

Address and TIN No of our Pune branch given below for your reference: -

Ofice Address : _______________________
TIN NO: _____________________________
CST NO: ____________________ dt ______
Godown Address : _____________________

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
For Rocket Sales corporation Ltd

Anil Binani
General Manager ( Finance & Accounts)

CC :    Mr. N K Narakde, Rocket Sales- Mumbai
      You are requested to consider these receipts as the receipts from the factory and issue necessary F form as per the requirement. Value of the above materials Rs._________(Rupee ______________________________ only)

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