Sample Banking Facilities Letter

Template / Example of banking Facilities Request letter / Application Letter India to Banks ( SBI, ICICI, IDBI, AXIS, PNB, HSBC, HDFC etc) in word/.doc format

February 20, 2014

State Bank of India
Nariman Point Branch
Mumbai -412 254
                                    Kind Attention :          Mr Arumay Sen
General Manager
Dear Sirs,
                             Sub: Banking facilities with your Branch

We would like to inform you that there are changes at Senior Management levels in our Company.

We refer the discussions with your goodselves yesterday regarding renewal of Credit Limits.  During the course of our meeting, certain points were discussed and in this connection, we would like to state as under:

During the discussion, it was brought to our notice that L/C Limit may get reduced by Rs. 27.00 Crores leaving the available limit as Rs. 40 Crores, which will become little difficult for our day-to-day business.  However, we will try to manage in the same.  Interchanging from L/C to C/C should not be dis-continued since same can be utilized in the emergent situations.

There is no change in the Contingent Liabilities and these are the same what has been reported in our Balance Sheet for 2011-12.  A separate letter stating current position is enclosed.

Rating:   We have already got rating done by ICRA.  A draft copy received by us is enclosed for your reference and final rating will be submitted to you very shortly.

There was a discussion regarding capital infusion which could not be done, but the Management arranged an ICD worth Rs. 3000 Lacs. 

We have obtained Term Loan of Rs.2500 Lacs for purchase of Blast Furness. We have also taken Corporate Loan of Rs.5500 lacs.  Both were arranged from ICICI Bank.  As the earlier person looking after is not available for comments, we promise not to repeat such.

Servicing of Interest:   The interest in Cash Credit Account will be paid from time to time and we will manage the same in such a way that the account does not become irregular.

Stock Audit Report:   Our representatives will sit together for Stock Audit and try to address the discrepancies pointed out by the Auditors

Hope, you will understand our position and co-operate.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully


Encl: As stated.


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