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November 20, 2013

M/s Ashok Enterprises
54/1 Connat Place
New Delhi – 125 212
Kind Attn : Shri Ashish Jain

Dear Sirs,

With reference to the discussion you had with our Shri -------------, Regional Manager (North), Shri ---------- & Shri --------- of our Delhi Branch, we hereby appoint you as Clearing and Forwarding Agent for the State of Delhi for our product, Shakti Hr Coils on the following terms and conditions w.e.f. 01.12.2013:

01)             You would provide us adequate space to store our product at your godown in Faridabad at your cost.

02)             You would also provide us a table space with telephone facility to our representative as authorised by us from time to time to carry out the day to day work.

03)             We shall reimburse you telephone expenses incurred for Rocket Sales Ltd.'s work on submission of bill.

04)             You shall be fully responsible for proper handling of our product at the time of receipt from our factory, branches as well as despatches to the customers and / or our branches.

05)             You shall bear all loading and unloading expenses incurred by you for handling of our materials.

06)             You shall maintain the Stock Register and provide / help to our representative in issuing invoice and maintaining of accounts and other records on day to day basis.

07)             You shall also provide/help in filing required Sales tax return, collection of `F' Form to be issued to factory and branches.

08)             You will be paid Commission @ 2.0% on net sales before Sales tax and after netting of all the return and discounts on monthly basis on all items subject to Tax Deduction at Source as per rule.

09)                No commission will be paid on factory direct sale.

Contd….. P/2 
- 2 -

10)                You shall raise Debit Note for commission on monthly basis to our Head Office through Delhi Office.

11)                Either party can terminate this agreement by giving one-month notice in writing.

12)                Any dispute arising out of these shall be subject to the Mumbai jurisdiction.

This agreement is being sent to you in duplicate. Kindly accord your signature on the duplicate copy of this letter as a token of your acceptance of our aforesaid terms & conditions and return back to us.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,




We have read and understand all the terms and clauses of the agreement. We have fully agreed and accepted the same.

For Ashok Enterprises


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