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I, -----------------------, son/daughter of -------------------------aged about ----- years residing ------------------------------------------------------, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as follows :

(1)   That I am the Managing Director of M/s Rocket Sales Corporation Ltd. having its factory situated at ----------------------------------- Khpoli.

(2)   That I am acquainted with the facts and circumstances and competent to swear this affidavit.

(3)   That I confirm that the statement made and information furnished in the Annexure “L”  and information furnished in the Annexure “L” annexed hereto, in connection with the supply of Coke to M/s Rocket Sales Corporation Ltd., Khapoli by STC Ltd. and / or any of its subsidiaries are correct and true.
Contd….. P/2
- 2 -

(4)   That I confirm Coke received from Stat Trading Corporation (STC) during the year 2012 (January to December) has been fully consumed in our unit and the information / documents relevant to our unit submitted by us in response to your notice is correct to the best of my knowledge and record.

(5)   I do hereby undertake that in case the factory is closed and / or does not consume coke supplied for whatsoever reasons within 24 hours thereof, STC will be informed by me in writing without fall, to enable them to suspend supply of Coke to the said factory.

(6)   I further undertake to make all necessary arrangements for inspection of the factory by any of the representatives of STC. at any time and furnish any information and documents, registration certificates etc. and other records as may be called for by the said representative for examination.

(7)   I also undertake that the entire quantity of Coke to be supplied by STC will be consumed and / or utilised by the said factory  and shall not be misused in any way or used for any other purpose and / or would not be sold, transferred or disposed off to any other person / persons for any reasons whatsoever.

(8)   I declare that in case any discrepancy  in regard to Coke requirement and consumption thereof or in regard to statements made hereinabove and in Annexure and in “L” is detected or noticed by STC at any time, STC will have right to stop supply of Coke at once and cancel the linkage without giving any prior notice to factory apart from other normal course of action as permissible in laws “L” the above named deponent, swear that the statements in para 1 to 8 above are true to my personal knowledge and noting has been concealed, no part of it is false.

For Rocket Sales Corporation Ltd.
Place : Mumbai

Date : 05.01.2013
Managing Director


The Deponent is duly identified by Shri …………………..…………… Advocate, Mumbai and taken oath in this Court that the above statement made in this affidavit is true to best of knowledge and belief.


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