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December 25th, 2013

M/s ABC Corporation

Attn: Mr. Anish Goel ( GM – Purchase).

Dear Sir,

With reference to the discussion you had with our Mr Anil Kapoor (VP) during his visit to to your office on 19.12.2011, giving our best quote for supply of Shakti HRC:

Galvanized Hot Rolled Sheet

Excise Amount (Included in price)


i) 12% volume discount on the above price for an off take of minimum Rs 40 lacs per month Or Rs 120lacs in a Qtr.

ii) Additional 5% on above price, in case you take Non ISI Marked Material.

iii) Additional 5% on above price, in case you pay a Refundable Security Deposit for Rs 20.00 lacs only

Other terms & conditions:

1) Prices quoted above are FOR Chennai

2) Excise amount will not be applicable in case you submit Excise Exemption documents along with your Purchase order

3) CST @ 2% payable extra against FORM C. C Form is to submitted in advance prior to dispatch. If C forms are not received you have to pay the differential amount as deposit which will be refunded on receipt of C form

4) Payment: 30 days LC. In case of 60 days LC, one month interest @ 18% p.a will be borne by you. You are requested to send us your draft LC copy for acceptance.

5) Delivery : 2-3 weeks days from the date of Purchase Order

We look forward to receive your valued order.

Thanking you and assuring you our best services-

Yours faithfully,
For Rocket Sales Ltd

Amir Khan
G.M. - Marketing


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