Pricing Procedure in SAP SD

How to Configure / determination pricing procedure in SAP SD /SAP MM

Maintain Pricing Procedure

IMG Activity Path

Sales & Distribution → Basic Functions→ Pricing→ Pricing Control →Define & Assign Pricing procedure →Maintain Pricing Procedure

Transaction code


Description of IMG Activity

Maintain Pricing Procedure

Classification of
IMG Setting
SAP Standard                                    (  )

1.    Global Setting                                (  )

2.    Organization Setting                  (  )
1.    Master Data Setting                   (  )
2.    Transaction Setting                    (X)
1.    Client Independent Setting
2.    Client Dependant Setting            (X)

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Parameter id (key) : Pricing Procedure
New Value : Refer to Screen shot
Reason for Change / Remarks : Maintain Pricing Procedure

Configuration Design:
In the pricing procedure, we define which condition types should be taken into account and in which sequence. During pricing, the SAP System automatically determines which pricing procedure is valid for a business transaction and it takes the condition types contained in it into account one after the other.

Pricing Procedure
Depot Sale
Factory sale
Factory Sale seed,RM,S&W
Stock Transfer Between Plants


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