Pension Complaint Letter

Template / Sample / Example of Disability Pension Rejection Complain Letter in word / .doc Format

The Chairman
Appellate Committee on First Appeal AG’s Branch
Integrated HQ of MOD (Army)
Sena Bhavan, New Delhi – 110011


1.         With due respects and humble submission, I beg to state the following few lines for your kind justification and necessary action please.

2.         I, JC-454518K Sub (Retd) Sameer Khan have retired after completing twenty eight years of service wef 01 Oct 10 (FN).  While in service both eyes have been operated in the years 1996 and 1997 respectively due to “PRIMARY GLAUCOMA BOTH EYES” and become LMC S1H1A1P1E2 (P).  However, there was no other complication even after surgery and vision restored normal ie 6/6 as before the operation.

3.         As per policy in vogue, I have not granted two years of extension of service due to LMC.  Whereas, being LMC, I have rendered nearly thirteen years of service with engaging all military activities and professional works.   During Release Medical Board proceedings my disability has been assessed only 6-10% for life.  Thus, non-granting extension of service has forced me depriving further promotion, pay and allowances and consequential retrial benefits.

4.         As per AAD Records letter No AAD/JC-454518K/DP/Pen dt 25 Nov 10 addressed to the undersigned, the case for rejection of Disability Pension may please be re-justified in merit as the disability has been occurred during my service.  I, therefore, earnestly appeal to the Chairman of Appellate Committee on first appeal to kindly re-look the whole in light and consider disability pension.  In case minor disability in the service does not permit for extension of service then one should not deprive from Disability Pension.

5.         Thanking you.    
                                                                                                                                                                      Yours faithfully,

(Sub (Retd) Sameer Khan)


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