Partner Determination Procedure in SAP

How to Set up partner determination customer master in SAP SD / SAP MM

Set Up Partner Determination

Configuration Design: 

Partner Determination Procedure:

A grouping of partner functions. The procedure specifies which partner functions are allowed for a particular business transaction (for example, for processing a sales order) and which of those partner functions are mandatory.

  • In sales documents, for example, you can specify the partner determination procedure according to sales document type and item category. During order entry, the system first proposes partners from the customer master record of the sold-to party. If this information does not exist in the customer master, the system automatically proposes the mandatory partners from the partner determination procedure that you specify in the document header. 
  • For billing documents, for example, you can specify a partner determination procedure where the sold-to party, bill-to party, and payer are mandatory but the ship-to party is not (for billing, you are more interested in who orders and pays for the goods than in who receives them).

IMG Activity Path

SAP Customizing Implementation Guide > Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Partner Determination > Set Up Partner Determination

Transaction code


Description of IMG Activity

Maintain Partner Determination

Classification of
IMG Setting
SAP Standard                               (   )

1.    Global Setting                  (   )

2.    Organization Setting                (   )
1.    Master Data Setting                 (X)
2.    Transaction Setting                  (   )
1.    Client Independent Setting
2.    Client Dependant Setting         (X)

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Parameter id (key) : Partner Function

New Value :  Refer to Screen shot

Reason for Change / Remarks : Maintain Partner Determination


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