Official Letter for Salary Increment

Sample covering letter format for salary arrears increment from HRD in word /doc format

January 31, 2013

ALL BRANCHES – Rocket Sales


A list of increment to your Branch Staff is enclosed. Please note the following :

1. All increments, unless specified otherwise, are effective from 1st April, 2012.

2. The amount shown in the increment column and special increment column, if any, is to be added to the basic salary. For example, in case of an employee, if the increment has been specified under normal head Rs. 1150/- + Rs. 1175/-, it means that Rs. 2325/- is to be added to his salary. Amount shown as special increment in special increment column is also to be added in the basic salary of the concerned employee. However, if some payment is specifically specified as special allowance, the same has to be paid as special allowance and is not to be added to basic salary.

3. The total amount of increment from April, 2013 onwards is being processed and cheques will be sent in due course.

4. Maximum care has been taken to ensure that no mistake could creep in the increment list. However, if any mistake is noticed, the same may please be brought to the notice of the undersigned.

In case of any clarification, the matter may please be referred to us.


Encl : As above


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