Despatch Advice Format

Sample dispatch Instruction / transportation advice Letter / message from Customer / Dealer/ Distributor in Word/ .doc

To :
M/s Rocket Sales Limited
18th Floor, Nirmal Building
45/1 Nariman Point
Mumbai – 700 001.

                   Sub : Despatch of ……………………………… against our orders
Dear Sirs,

We know you have arrangement with certain carriers for carriage of goods for delivery to the parties concerned and you do not dispatch the goods through any other carrier in usual course.  However, for the sake of our convenience, it is to request you to please deliver our concerned goods to M/s _____________________________, the carriers hereby nominated by us and in consideration thereof we hereby agree and undertake to abide by the following terms and conditions.

1.            The delivery of the goods to our said carriers against delivery challan duly signed and issue of consignment note by them or on their behalf shall be deemed as final and binding on us as regards quality, quantity, number and other specifications of the goods.

2.            The said carriers shall carry the goods by road transport solely at our own risk and account and you shall have no responsibility / liability whatsoever in the matter.

3.            The delivery of the goods to us shall be deemed to have been completed from your side no sooner the goods are delivered through our said carriers as stated above.

4.            We shall take delivery of the document relating to each of the dispatches and make payment of price thereof as per agreed terms either directly to you or through your C&F Agents or through the bank as the case may be, on the basis of your bills.

5.            We shall not on any account whatsoever, e.g. non-delivery, short delivery, late delivery, loss or damage of the goods during transit or otherwise, withhold, deny, deduct, adjust or delay payment of the goods and shall on our own account deal with the said carriers for compensation for any loss caused to us for and due to any of the aforesaid reasons.

6.            Our undertaking shall hold good and be binding on us for all or any of our present and future dealings and/or transactions with you unless it is withdrawn by us writing and you duly acknowledges receipt of the same.  It shall not be necessary for us to repeat this undertaking in case of every transaction separately.

7.            Notwithstanding withdrawal of such nomination by us, we shall be fully responsible and liable under these presents for all dispatches made through the said carriers till and up to the date of actual receipt of such withdrawal letter by you.

8.            If, at any time, we change the said carriers and nominate any other carriers in their place, our this undertaking shall apply in case of such other carrier also and shall hold good and be binding on us with the same force and no further formal confirmation on our part will be required.

Thanking you,

Rs. 5/- Judicial Stamp Paper with signature of dealers.

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