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Minutes of the meeting held on 18 Jan 2013 (Finance Department)

Mr. A Agrawal
Mr. B Kullolli
Mr. C Singh
Ms. D Shrivastava
Ms. E Gupta
Ms. F Bhatnagar


Mr. G Sahu
Ms. H Bhatia

Points Discussed

1.       Mr.C Singh and Ms. D Shrivastava to attend the departmental meeting of SCM and to brain storm the issues presented in the meeting.

2.       Mr. C Singh and Ms. D Shrivastava to identify the top 5 critical issues ongoing in SCM department and to give the solutions to resolve them.

3.       Ms. D Shrivastava & Mr. C Singh to prepare a check list for LC opening and LC amendment procedure and to evaluate all amendments  as per the check list. She has to critically examine all the amendments.

4.       Mr. C Singh to prepare the month wise & material wise claim registers.

5.       Mr. C Singh to furnish a report on the number of manual reports which can be discontinued at earliest with the action plan and time line for the same.

6.       Mr. C Singh to  submit the details of total number of vouchers generated from Finance department.

7.       Ms. F Bhatnagar to expedite the process of freight approval from RBI

8.       Ms. F Bhatnagar to do the cost benefit analysis of Power trading with IEX.

9.       Ms. H Bhatiya to explore the opportunities for sourcing the coking coal, PCI Coal and thermal coal. She has to further do an in-depth study of Global Coal market and the stage wise process of mine acquisition for the same. Ms. E Gupta to assist her for the same.

10.   Finance team to give their updated status on CEO directive with action plan and time line for each activity


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