Classification of Employees

Different Type of Employees / Employment Definition in India

Employees shall be classified as under: -


“Permanent employee” means a person who has been employed / engaged by the school on a permanent basis or one who has been confirmed in service on satisfactory completion of the probationary period and shall not include employee who is on probation, casual, part-time, temporary, badli or on contract.


"Probationary" means an employee who has been probationally employed on trial to fill a permanent vacancy and shall be subjected to probationary period of one year from the date of appointment. The probationary period may be extended for a further period of six months, if found necessary by the Management. At the end of the probationary period, if the employee found suitable for the post, he / she will be confirmed in writing otherwise a letter terminating his / her service shall be served to him without paying any compensation whatsoever.


“Casual” means an employee who is engaged for work, which is essentially of casual, occasional and / or intermittent nature.

Part time:-

“Part time” employee means an employee appointed for a part of a day.


“Temporary “employee means an employee who has been engaged for work which is essentially of a temporary character likely to be completed within a limited period or who is temporarily employed in connection with a temporary increase in work of a permanent nature.


“Badli” means an employee who is appointed to act in place of temporarily absent permanent employee and whose services will automatically stand terminated with resumption of work by the said temporarily absent permanent employee.

The management / administration does not guarantee permanent employment to Probationers, Casual, Part time, Temporary and Badli employees on completion of their work.


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