Appointment Agreement Letter Format

Sample / Template / Example of Job Appointment Agreement letter format in word / doc

July 17th 2013

Mr. Sonu Sood
45/1/1 Ram Raja Road
P.O.- Molhila
Mumbai  – 405 545

Dear Mr. Sood,

This refers to your application and the subsequent interview that you had with us . We are pleased to inform that you have been selected for the position of “Sr. Manager” in our organization with the followings terms & condition .Your place of posting will be Mumbai .

1)      You will be offered the followings compensation against your services to the organization :-

a)      Basic Salary of Rs. 6,500.00 ( Rupees Six thousand five hundred only ) per month.
b)      House Rent Allowance.. 25% of Consolidated salary i.e Rs. 1625.00( Rupees One thousand six hundred twenty five only) per month
c)      Conveyance Allowance Rs. 300.00 (Rupees Three hundred only )per month
d)     Special Allowance Rs. 1450 ( Rupees Four hundred fifty only)per month
e)      Special House Rent Allowance Rs. 925 (Rupees Three hundred only)per month

f)       You will be entitled to Bonus , L.T.A., Medical , Paid Leave etc. as per the company’s rule and in force from time to time. You will also be entitle to P.F. as per rules. Your L.T.A., Bonus and Medical will be calculated on the basis of monthly salary .

Your appointment will initially be for a probationary period of six months from the date of a joining which can be extended by further period of six month at the discretion of the management . Your services will be confirmed in writing after the completion of your probationary period. During the period of probation either original or extended your services will liable to be terminated at any time without assigning any reason what –so-ever  and without given any notice or compensation in lieu thereof.
2)      Your services after confirmation are subject to termination by either party at any time given 30 days notice or payment of salary for 30 days by the company in lieu of the notice. However, no notice will be given if your services are terminated from misconduct or any other act prejudicial to the interest of the company .

3)      During the tenure of your employment with this company , you will neither engage yourself into the services or employment with any other company/person nor shall be interested in any other business.

4)      Your services will be transferable any where in India and to any other factory/factories/office of the company.

In case, the above terms and condition are acceptable to you , please sign and return the duplicate copy of this letter as a token of your acceptance and join your duties on 23rd July 2013 , and report to Mr. Anil Biswas , for further advice .

 With the type of your responsibilities you will not be governed by Industrial Disputes Act and as such any disputes or differences between you an the company will be sorted only through mutual discussions or as per the terms of this contract.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
for ABC Corporation Ltd

 ( N K KHAN )
Sonu Sood


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