Stores Security Procedures Example

ERP Based Stores Security System Sample

Security of Stores:

Access to the stores area is restricted to authorised stores personnel only.

Access to stock records in ERP is permitted by use of a valid login ID and password combination.

Logon IDs are automatically disabled after a prescribed number of logon failures or a set period of inactivity.

Simultaneous use of same login ID at more than one workstation is prohibited.

Logon IDs and password are revoked when employees leave.

Menu selections displayed are restricted based upon the access privilege defined by user ID.

User access rights are restricted to those of processing functions and data files required for the users normal duties.

At close of business hours the stores is locked by the stores officer with a combination of two keys. One key is kept with the stores officer and the other with the security officer. Both the keys are required at the time of opening the stores in the following business day.

Contingency plans is to be prepared and properly communicated dealing with emergencies.

Night Access to Stores:-

Access to stores after closure and re-opening is resorted to for emergency purpose only.

Emergency opening of stores is authorised by the Shift Supervisor and opened by the security personnel in the presence of the security officer.

Security personnel must mention the date and time of opening of the stores in the night register maintained for such emergency. The purpose for opening the stores and reference of person and department authorising such access is clearly mentioned and acknowledged by the shift supervisor.

Details of items with quantities issued are mentioned on the pre-numbered manual issue slip maintained in the stores for such emergency. The issue slip is signed by the security personnel and the person receiving such goods.

The Head Stores verifies such issues made (the next morning) and obtain the Departmental Head’s authorisation on the issue slip and the night register. The issue is regularised the next morning and stock ledger/bin cards updated with remarks for emergency issues.

All emergency issues are monitored for the type of material and frequency of emergency issue. Any abnormal patterns in emergency issues are addressed and resolved in consultation of User Department Head and the VP Works.


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