Self Declaration Form Template for Company

Sample Corporate Self Declaration Letter Format for Complaisance & payment of All Statuary Taxes
April 29, 2013

This is to declare and confirm that:-

a)      all sums required to be deducted in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 have been generally deducted and such deductions have been paid or will be paid within the prescribed period to the credit of the Central Government in pursuance of Section 200 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

b)      all taxes and / or other sums payable under the following Acts as applicable to the Company have been generally paid within the time prescribed by or under the said Acts :

1)                   Maharashtra VAT Act, 2005
2)                   Karnataka VAT Act, 2003
3)                   Delhi VAT Act, 2005
4)                   Haryana VAT Act, 2003
5)                   Orissa VAT Act, 2005
6)                   M.P. VAT Act, 2002
7)                   West Bengal VAT Act, 2005
8)                   Chattisgarh VAT Act, 2005
9)                   Kerala VAT Act, 2005
10)               Tamilnadu VAT Act, 2006
11)               Andhra Pradesh VAT Act, 2005
12)               U.P. VAT Act, 2008
13)               Gujrat VAT Act, 2003
14)               Bihar VAT Act, 2005
15)               Chandigarh VAT Act, 2005
16)               Uttaranchal VAT Act, 2005
17)               Central sales Tax Act 1956
18)               Central Excise Duty Act, 1944

c)  all the returns, forms statements and other documents as required by or under the  above Acts as applicable to the Company have been generally filed with the prescribed Authorities in time.




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