Sample Letter for Price Increase Notification

Request Letter Template / Format in Word Doc for Price Increase Notice

September 12, 2012

To All Branches
Steel Corporation of India

Due to massive increase in the input costs such as Pallet, LDO, CLO, Transportation cost and also the labour cost, our operations have become unviable until and unless selling prices are raised with immediate effect.  For your information, the Pallet cost in last 2 months has gone up by about 85%.  CLO prices in last 2 weeks have gone up by about 35%.  LDO prices have consistently gone up due to increase in the Crude Oil prices in the international market.  Transportation costs have also gone up due to increase in the Diesel prices.  You are also aware of the substantial increase in the man power cost.

All these factors have left us with no other alternative but to go for a price increase with immediate effect.  The extent of price increase is being worked out.

In the meantime, please do not accept any further orders at the existing prices.  Orders for remaining HR Coil can be booked at the existing rates till 20th September, 2012.

The new prices will be informed to you shortly, which shall be effective from 25.09.2012.

Please treat this as MOST URGENT.
Steel Corporation of India

M.F. Hussen


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