Sample C&F Draft Agreement India

Example / Template for Guidelines, Terms & Condition for C F Agent Agreement Format in Word / Doc


10th September 2012 

1.           Mr N Chandra (Director Commercials)
2.           Mr N Rao ( President Marketing)
3.           Mr M Lal ( Manager Accounts )
4.           Mr K Khan ( CFA Director) 

A detailed discussion was held regarding appointment of C&FA and the terms & conditions are to be fixed/revised for the existing C&FAs.

1)        The firm to whom C&FA work will be assigned shall bring in Security Deposit of Rs. 15.00 Lacs carrying interest of 10% per annum.  The existing C&FAs, who have deposited Security Deposit less than Rs. 15.00 Lacs shall bring in the balance of Security Deposit by 31st December, 2012.

2)     The following expenditures will be borne by ABC Corporation Limited (ABCCL) (Your Company Name):

a)     Godown Rent
b)     Godown Electricity Bill will be paid on actual basis.
c)     Local freight/delivery charges
i)     The freight/delivery charges for full truck load will be reimbursed by the Company.
ii)     The freight/delivery charges for part truck/small load will be paid by the customer on cash and carry basis.
d)  All printed stationery like Invoice, Letter Head, etc., where Company’s name/Logo is printed will be to Company’s Account.
e)  Marketing team of the branches will be responsible for procurement of ‘C’ Forms.
f)     The commission will be paid as follows:
i)      1% of the Merchandise value upto a sale of Rs. 200 Lacs.
ii)     0.75% of Merchandise value from Rs. 200-300 Lacs.
iii)    0.60% on Merchandise value from Rs. 300-400 Lacs.
iv)    0.50% on Merchandise value from Rs. 400 Lacs & above.     
g)    The Octroi charges wherever applicable will be paid on actual basis.

3) The following expenditures will be borne by C&FA:

a)    All unloading/handling and loading charges shall be borne by C&FA.
b)   All Conveyance, phone, fax, postage, courier and all other Misc. charges will be borne by C&FA.
c)    The C&FA team will be responsible and organize all ‘F’ Forms.
d)   The C&FA will provide adequate staff and labour for proper functioning of the stock godown work and work related to Invoice making and any other allied work.
e) The C&FA team will be responsible for submission of sales tax/VAT return/Excise Return and all liaison work with statutory bodies on behalf of the Company.


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