Sample Appointment Letter Format

Template Example of Draft Job Appointment Letter Format in Word / Doc / Pdf Format with Full Terms and Conditions for India

ABC Corp/APPT/2012-13/

MR ________________

Dear Sir,

With reference to your application and the subsequent personal interview you had with us, we hereby offer you appointment in our organisation as ………………………….. on the following terms and conditions:

a) You will be paid consolidated salary of Rs……….. (Rupees …………..) per month. 

b) You will also be paid House Rent Allowance of Rs………/- per month plus Conveyance Allowance of Rs……./- per month plus PF, LTA, Medical, Bonus and other benefits as per the rules of the Company. 

c) You will be required to join duty at our Office at the earliest but not later than ……………………, 2013. 

2) Probation and Confirmation

a) Your appointment shall be on probation for a period of six month from the date of your joining or for such extended period/periods as the Management at its discretion shall decide.

b) The period of probation can be reduced or extended depending on your performance at the discretion of the company. During the probation period if your performance is not found satisfactory, the company shall have the option to terminate your service at any time without notice and without assigning any reason for the same.

c) The Management shall not be bound to give any explanation for not confirming your services.

d) Upon confirmation of the services, you will be treated as a permanent employee of the company, whereupon your services shall be liable to be terminated only after giving one month's prior notice in writing or after giving one month's salary in lieu of the same but without prejudice to any right of action, claim or demand of the company arising from any breach of non-performance of any of the covenants herein reserved.

Contd…. P/2 

: 2 : 


3) You will have to work at any of our factories/sites/offices within the country at any place and in such division, branch or department of the company and/or any other associated or subsidiary firm/company as the management may decide and for such work and duties as may be assigned to you from time to time. And also you are liable to be transferred from one factory/site/office/department to another factory/site/office/department under the same management.

4) Duties & obligations

a) You shall carry out such work as the company or their authorised officer or officers may direct. You shall, during the tenure of your service, do your best to promote and safeguard the interests of the company and shall diligently and to the best of your ability devote yourself to the duties incumbent on you and shall faithfully observe and comply with such instructions as you may from time to time receive from the company or their authorised officer or officers, representative or representatives for the time being.

b) You shall not directly or indirectly engage yourself in any other profession or vocation, either part-time or full-time during the continuance of your service under this company without our prior consent.

c) You will be responsible for the charge and care of the company's money, goods and stores/property as and when entrusted to you/in your hands and will truly and faithfully account for or pay over or deliver to the authorised person all money, goods, stores/property which may at any time come to your hands or under your charge on account of the company.

d) Your services are liable to be transferred temporarily or permanently to any of our promoted or associated firms or companies as and when desired by the management. You will accept such transfer and perform such duties as may be assigned by the transferee firm or company by devoting your full time attention and to the best of your abilities.

e) You shall maintain utmost secrecy and confidentiality of your job and prevent divulgence of any secret information, instruments, documents, and papers and all the affairs of the company and its customers (hereinafter collectively referred to as information) during your tenure with the company or thereafter and shall not at any time in any way use such information to the detriment directly or indirectly of the company or its customers.

f) Your services will be governed by the rules & regulations of the company employing as in force from time to time (including any amendment or modifications thereof).

Contd….. P/3 

: 3 : 


g) The company will be at liberty and entitled to dispense with your services without any notice if you commit breach of any of the terms & conditions contained herein or commit breach of faith or obligation as an employee, without prejudice to any other rights, actions/claims and demands the company might have against you as a result of such breach.

h) If any declaration given or information furnished at the time of interview by you proves to be false or if you are found to have willfully suppressed any material information, you will be liable for removal from service forthwith without any notice whatsoever and such other actions as the company may deem necessary.

i) The criteria of your further promotions, if any, shall not be length of service but the efficiency and proficiency in the work allotted to you of which the Management shall be the sole judge. You shall have no right to claim any fixed increments or other facilities or conveniences.

5. L e a v e

a) You shall not, save and except in case of sudden illness, accident or some such cause beyond your reasonable control, remain away from office or absent yourself without the previous consent of the higher officers concerned.

b) You will be granted leave, subject to the exigency of business of the company as per rules for the time being in force in the company.

6. Retirement & Termination

a) In the event of any physical disability through illness or accident due to which you are unable to work or work with normal efficiency, the company shall have the right to terminate your services after giving one month's notice or one month's salary in lieu of notice shall be given to you only if the aforesaid physical disability arises or is occasioned otherwise than by your own default, negligence or indulgence.

b) Unless otherwise decided by the company as its sole discretion, you shall be liable to retire on attaining the age of 58 years.

c) If you are found guilty of any misconduct or indulgence causing inefficiency in your normal duties or if you commit any offence punishable under Criminal Law, you will be liable to be dismissed from services without notice.

Contd…. P/4 

: 4 : 


7. Miscellaneous

a) Upon termination of your service, you shall be liable to handover full charge of your work, and handover all records papers and other property of the company that may be in your possession or control and disclose all other information that you have or know about your work or the affairs of the company, failing which you shall be liable for all or any losses or damages of the company, may suffer, or be put to on account of your default.

b) You will vacate quarter/accommodation, if provided to you, immediately from the date of cessation of your employment entitling you to settle your dues with the company, if any, failing which the management will reserve the right to withhold your dues and take appropriate action.

c) Notwithstanding anything herein contained, in the event of breach of any of the foregoing terms and conditions of which the company shall be the sole judge, it shall be lawful for the company to dismiss you and terminate your services without notice but without prejudice to any right, action, claim or demand of the Company or to obtain damages or compensation, resulting from such breach or to any other right by way of injunction or otherwise.

d) You will report on duty to the Managing Director at Mumbai.

e) You are requested to carefully examine the terms & conditions contained herein. The same are based on our detailed discussion with you, if the aforesaid terms & conditions are found by you to be true and correct reproduction of your discussions and consensus, please sign and return to us a copy of this letter as a token of your acceptance.

Yours faithfully, 



I do hereby accept my employment under M/s ABC Corporation Limited subject to the terms and conditions stated herein above which I have thoroughly read and understood and hereby bind myself with the same.

Signature of the Applicant:

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