Letter for Not Attending Celebration Function

Regret / Apology letter for not attending Ex Compnay’s Celebration Function in Word Doc Format

Mr.S. K. Roy
ABC Corporation Ltd
General Secretary.

Dear Mr.Raveendran,

I thank you very much for your invitation for attending the "Diamond Jubilee Celebration" of ABC Corp on 18th October 2012. It is unbelievable that our ABC Corp has completed 60 years without any hook or crook. I wish, I should be a part of the celebrations but due to some other commitment here, I will not be able to attend the function.

I am sure, with the Gracious Blessings of God our ABC Corp will go for a long ong time and guide you in proper path.

I extend my greetings and facilitations to all my friends and those associates with the ABC Corp and wish every success in future.

With warm regards,

B N Shaw


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