E Mail Letter for Not Attending Ceremony Because of Delayed Invitation

Regret / Apology E Mail for Not Attending Ceremony

Dear Roy

Thank you for your mail along with the invitation for attending the DIAMOND JUBEELI Celebrations of ABC Corporation being held on October 18, 2012.

Sorry to inform you that I have not received the invitation you have sent by post. Probably it would have been lost in transit. Had I got it I would have certainly replied to you.

In fact Sachin spoke to me sometime in September about the Celebrations. Since there was no communication from you I thought the celebrations would have been cancelled or postponed. Now with such a short notice I would not be able to make it; otherwise I would have definitely tried to come.

I am really happy to know about such a Celebration. I am really pround of it. When the ABC Corp was languishing in the the year 1952-53 we resurrected the ABC Corp and I am happy to know that there are many stalwarts in the ABC Corp today to take it forward. I am sure that the ABC Corp is serving the purpose for which it was set up 60 years ago.

Please accept my hearty Congratulations and best wishes for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of our ABC Corp.


Wasim Khan


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