Define Industry Sector in SAP

How to create industry & define industry sector in SAP SD / SAP Mm for Customer

Define Industry Sector for customer

Configuration Design:

You specify the industry sectors for marketing data in the customer master record for each sales area. The SAP System copies this specification automatically into the sales documents at header and item level.

IMG Activity Path

Sales & Distribution → Master data → Business Partners → Customer → Marketing → Define Industry Sector for customer

Transaction code


Description of IMG Activity

Define Sales Districts

Classification of
IMG Setting
SAP Standard                                  (  )

1.    Global Setting                     (X)

2.    Organization Setting                  (  )
1.    Master Data Setting                   (  )
2.    Transaction Setting                    (X)
1.    Client Independent Setting
2.    Client Dependent Setting           (X)

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Parameter id (key) : Sales

New Value : Refer to Screen shot

Reason for Change / Remarks : Define Industry sectors


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