Credit Control Area Configuration in SAP

How to Define Credit Control Area in SAP FICO / SAP SD for Customer Sales Order

Define Credit Control Area

The credit control area is an organizational unit that specifies and checks a credit limit for customers.

A credit control area can include one or more company codes. It is not possible to assign a company code to more than one control control area. Within a credit control area, the credit limits must be specified in the same currency.

IMG Activity Path

Enterprise Structure → Definition →Financial Accounting →Define Credit Control Area

Transaction code


Description of IMG Activity

Define Credit Control Area


Classification of IMG Setting
SAP Standard                         (  )

1.    Global Setting                    (  )

2.    Organization Setting          (  )
1.    Master Data Setting           (X)
2.    Transaction Setting            (  )
1.    Client Independent Setting
2.    Client Dependant Setting    (X)

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Parameter id (key)
New Value
Reason for Change / Remarks
Credit Management
Refer to Screen shot
Define Credit Control Area

Configuration Design:

Credit Control Area
Credit Control Area Rocket Sales


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