Combine Divisions in SAP

How to Combine Divisions in SAP SD

Combine Division

Configuration Design:

We allocate the allowed order types to each sales area group.

You do not need to make any entries at all if all the sales order types are allowed for each of your sales areas. 

If you wish to check allowed sales document types, you must set up common sales areas. This means you must define common sales organizations, common distribution channels and common divisions. If, for example, you have defined common divisions, then you must also define common distribution channels and sales organizations.

IMG Activity Path

Sales & Distribution → Sales → Sales Document →Sales document Header → Assign sales Area to sales document types → Combine Division

Transaction code


Description of IMG Activity

Combine Division

Classification of IMG Setting
SAP Standard                             (  )

1.    Global Setting                (X)

2.    Organization Setting              (  )
1.    Master Data Setting               (  )
2.    Transaction Setting               (X)
1.    Client Independent Setting
2.    Client Dependent Setting      (X)

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Parameter id (key) : Combine Division

New Value : Refer to Screen shot

Reason for Change / Remarks: Combine Division


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