Circular Office Cleanliness

Hr Policy for office cleanliness with Example / Sample letter for office cleanliness rules

Jan 18, 2013



TO :


All of you are hereby advised to make sure that the cleanliness of the Office is maintained in all respects and with particular reference to proper placement of files, documents and papers which you are dealing in.  You are advised to adhere the following guidelines with immediate effect  :

1.         Before leaving office every evening, you must make sure that all your files, papers and other documents must be kept in the cupboards or other relevant place.

2.        It has to be ensured that when you leave office, nothing remains on your table except your computer and telephone instrument.

3.        No papers, documents and files shall be left on the top of the cupboards, floor or any other places except the place marked for you to keep your files.

4.       Shri A. K. Bose and all Purchase staff have to ensure that various materials which are to be sent to factory through courier or any other materials / samples received from factory must be kept at the places earmarked for this.  A separate place must be demarcated and allocated for placement of such materials.  In any case, all such materials should be kept properly stacked.

5.        All chambers used by the auditors must also be kept properly cleaned and it is the responsibility of Shri S. N. Jhawar to make sure that the files used by the auditors are kept at proper place and those must not be kept on the table when they leave office.

Contd ….. P/2.

:  2  :

6.       Auditors, as and when on the job, may be requested to give back the files to the concerned persons / peons.

7.        All staff members are also advised to keep their drawers clean.

8.       Please note that the office shall be inspected every morning / evening either by the undersigned or by any other authorized persons to check the cleanliness of the office.

9.       Any files / documents / papers kept at undesirable places shall be kept in a box and sent to the record room under lock and key and shall not be accessible to any person.

10.    Any staff member found in repeating such mistakes shall be warned and after two warnings, if he/she does not improve, action will be taken against him/her.

11.      All incoming Mails / Dak must be distributed to all concerned members before 6.30 p.m. every evening.

12.     Any Voucher / Payment Advice / Purchase Orders to be given to Accounts Department for processing have to be handed over by 6.30 p.m. every evening.  A Register must be developed wherein the receiving person shall put his initial of having received the Voucher / Payment Advice / Purchase Orders.

13.     All vouchers to be given to Computer Department for processing must be given by 6.30 p.m. every evening and a Register must be introduced wherein the Computer In-charge shall put his initial as having received the documents.

This notice shall be effective from Monday, the 18th Jan, 2013.

Amitabh Bachchan

Encl : Staff List

(To be signed by all staff-members)

Jan 18, 2013

To :

SHRI A. K. Nand
SHRI Vinit Gupta
SHRI Vinod Singh
SHRI N. L. Adwani

The first peon reporting the office is hereby advised that whatever papers / documents found at undesirable places including top of the table / cupboard / Almirah and floor must be kept in a box under lock and key and the key must be handed over to the undersigned immediately after his arrival.

Amitabh Bachchan


I have gone through the above instruction and will follow the above instruction.

(To be signed by the peons)


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