Assign Division to Sales Organization in SAP

How to assign division plant to sales org in sap sd

Assign Division to Sales Organisation

Configuration Design:

We can define a division-specific sales organization. Product groups, i.e. divisions, can be defined for a wide-ranging spectrum of products. Here the division has been selected based upon the different brands.

For every division you can make customer-specific agreements. Within a division we can carry out statistical analyses or set up separate marketing procedures.

IMG Activity Path

Enterprise Structure → Assignment→   Sales & Distribution→   Assign Division to Sales Organisation

Transaction code


Description of IMG Activity

Assign Division to Sales Organisation

Classification of IMG Setting
SAP Standard                          (  )

1.    Global Setting                     (  )

2.    Organization Setting           (  )
1.    Master Data Setting            (X)
2.    Transaction Setting             (  )
1.    Client Independent Setting
2.    Client Dependant Setting     (X)   

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Parameter id (key) : Enterprise Structure
New Value : Refer to Screen shot 

Reason for Change / Remarks : Assign Division to Sales Organisation


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