Apology letter For Not Attending Invitation

Sample Letter Format in word doc for not attending Function on Physical Reasons

8th October  2012

The General Secretary
S. K. Roy
ABC Corporation Ltd.

Dear Mr Roy,

Thank you very much for your invitation to attend Diamond Jubilee Celebration of ABC Corp, Mumbai to be held at Taj Mumbai on 18th October 2012.  I will appreciate your honouring “Past Stalwarts” of our ABC Corp this cherishing occasion. 

As you know, it was my wish to hoist the flag on the eve of its Diamond  Jubilee.  But, physically I am unable to be a part of it now however, my mind will be with you all during the eve of celebration.

The success of ABC Corp fully attributed to all the members of ABC Corp for their spirit, hard working mentality shown whenever ABC Corp faces difficult time.  I am also proud that irrespective of cast and creed, our ABC Corp has gained immense respect in the minds of Mumbai Kars.  Hope we can maintain this spirit of oneness in the years to come.

Wishing you and all other Executive Committee members for their spirit and hard working for making Diamond Jubilee a grand success.

With best regards,

Ajay Rawat

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