Vendor Payment Entry in SAP - T Code - F-48


Post Vendor Down Payment Request in SAP

Down payment to be made to a vendor.

T Code:- F-48

Business Process Description Overview

You can post a vendor down payment whether or not you have previously created a down payment request. Creating a down payment request is an optional step and is simply a noted credit entry against the vendor (not included as a financial posting) that is covered in another BPP.  Note that when the vendor invoice is eventually posted you should use the Clear Vendor Down Payment transaction (f-54) to ensure that the invoice credit will offset the proper down payment debit and the result will be cleared without the risk of double payment.

To post a down payment made in cases where a down payment request has been issued, you select the down payment request when you post the down payment. The system then only needs the data in the initial screen to make the posting. These include the vendor's account number, the bank account number, and the special G/L indicator. The system takes all other data, such as amount or tax code, from the down payment request. If you need to make any further specifications, the system offers you the down payment line item, after you have selected the post function, so that you can make any necessary corrections.

To post a down payment made without reference to a down payment request, you post the down payment directly. You supply all the necessary data including the vendor's account number, the bank account number, the special G/L indicator, and the amount.

Input - Required Fields
Document Date
Date of the down payment
Document Type
Defaults to KZ
Company Code
1000 (Your Company Code)
Posting Date
Defaults to the system date
Enter Currency type – system defaults to INR
Special G/L Indicator
Indicates the alternative reconciliation account to be used
Vendor Account
Vendor’s account number
Bank Account
The G/L Cash / Bank account to be credited
The amount of the down payment

Output - Results
A down payment is generated and its document number is displayed

Procedural Steps

1.1.Access the Post Vendor Down Payment transaction by:

Via Menus
Accounting -> Financial Accounting  ->  Accounts Payable ->
Document Entry  ->  Down Payment  ->  Down Payment
Via Transaction Code

1.2. On the screen “Post Vendor Down Payment: Header Data”, enter information in the fields as specified in the table below:-

User Action and Values
Document Date
Date original document was issued
Enter appropriate date

Doc. Type
Document Type

Will default to KZ

Company Code
Company code ID
1000 (Your Company Code)
Will default if previously entered.
Posting Date
Effective date of posting in the ledgers.
Accept default or specify another date
Will default to current date.
Payment currency
Will default if previously entered.
Vendor Account
Enter the 
Account Code 

Special G/L Indicator
Indicator which identifies a special G/L transaction

Spl GL Indicators

For all line items in customer or vendor accounts that are updated to an alternative reconciliation account in the general ledger, the special G/L indicator determines which account is to be selected.  This account will be debited along with the vendor account.

Bank Account Number
Account to be credited
Enter appropriate account through which the payment is made

GL account number for bank account
Business Area
To Which Business Area This Transaction Belongs To

Amount of the total down payment
Enter the proper amount to be credited

1.3. Select the New Item button
  • Enter the amount to be debited to the vendor account (and the reconciliation account).
  • To enter further items for this vendor, then select Edit -> New item. This will generate multiple down payments as separate line items on this vendor’s account.
  • Enter The Section Code and Business Area .
  • Press Enter.
  • Enter Tax Code applicable for this type of vendor in the sub-menu coming after
1.4. Select the Document Overview icon or select Document/Simulate to review your entry prior to posting.

1.5. Select Document -> Post or click on the Save icon to post the down payment.

  • The system now posts the down payment debit amount (in either one or multiple line items) to the vendor account and the Special G/L account, and will credit the bank account.
  • If additional postings, such as tax or cash discount, are necessary, they are carried out automatically by the system.
The system automatically marks the selected down payment request noted items as cleared.

After posting 15,000/- advance (Down) payment of vendor then invoice received from Vendor of suppose that Rs 25000/-

After filling of all criteria as display below then go to withholding tax button,

After displaying withholding tax format then erase payment tax such as E3,I3 & S3, and put figure of rest of basic bill amount on “w/tax base FC” column as given below such as 15000 advance 25000 invoice amount then rest amount is 10000/-, Basic Surcharg -200 & Basic education Cess -220 amount. Then simulate>Post.


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