Sales Return Procedure with Sales Return Register Formate

Sales Return

Goods are returned from the market usually because of quality complaints.
Such material is received by the dispatch section and updated in the inventory records by issuing Stock Receipt Advice as the acknowledgement of receipt of goods.

Sales Return Procedure

All Sales Return requests are entered into a separate Register. The Register is managed by specified sales personnel. Each Sales Return entry is allocated a running serial number.

The hard copy documents or mails supporting the entry in the Register is filed and referenced to the running number allocated. In case of verbal enquiry, dealing person should prepare a document detailing the discussion with the customer for records and follow up.

Sales Return Register Template

Sales Return Request No.
Date of Request
Co. Name  & Address

Nature of Complain and Description

(Reference Documents, if any to be duly filed)
Sales Officer Assigned
Date & details of Initial Response

Return request Accepted or Rejected
Return Goods Statement No. & Date
Date & details of Subsequent actions

(Mention action plan as approved by Branch Head and regular updates till the return request is closed)


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