Sales Order Status Tracking in ERP (SAP)

Sales Order Status Tracking in ERP (SAP):-

Tracking the Despatch Status

An Order tracking sheet is prepared by Dispatch Section which includes details such as:

  • Stock Transfer Advice (STA) reference 
  • STA date 
  • Material Description 
  • Branch Name 
  • Value of the order 
  • Scheduled delivery date 
The sheet is kept live and read only access is made available to the Sales Personnel.

The Order tracking sheet is used by Sales Team as follows:

  • Each individual Sales Officer tracks the order status of their customers 
  • Dispatch schedule is prepared to facilitate on-time delivery based on the same.
  • Any possible delay is known in advance and an appropriate action can be devised. Alternatively, if the delay is likely to impact delivery target date, the customer is also communicated.


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