Planned Order Maintenance / Configuration In SAP MM/PP T Codes

Planned Order Create, Display, Change, Access, Conversion, Partial Conversion, Availability Check & Execute Action T Codes in SAP.

Planned Order:-

MD11 :- Create planned order

MD12 :-  Change planned order

MD13 :-  Individual access of planned order

MD16 :-  Collective access of planned orders

MD14 :-  Individual conversion of planned order 

MD15 :-  Collective conversion of planned orders

MDUM:- Convert planned order into purchase requisition

CO40 :- Convert individual planned order purchase requisition

CO41 :- Collective conversion of planned orders 

CO48 :- Partial conversion of planned order

COR7 :- Individual conversion of planned order

COR7_PC :- Collective conversion of planned order

COR8 :- Partial conversion of planned order

MDVP :- Collective availability check

MDAC :- Execute action for planned order


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