Park Vendor Invoice in SAP - Tcode - FB60

Park Vendor Invoice

Business Process Procedure Overview

Vendor invoice parking enables the user to enter and save (park) incomplete vendor invoices in the SAP system without executing extensive entry checks. This is especially helpful when information such as cost centers and account assignments are not available. Parked vendor invoices may be completed, checked and then posted at a later date - if necessary by a different data entry clerk. When documents are parked, data (for example, transaction figures) is not updated. Although a document number is generated the parked document may still be monitored as an open item. The data can then be evaluated online for reporting purposes from the moment they are parked, rather than having to wait until they have been completed and posted. Another advantage of the parked vendor invoices is that when used in conjunction with payment requests, It will enable the user to maximize cash discounts and pay invoices on time even when the invoice is not actually posted until after the payment.

T Code:- FB60

Input – Required Fields
Field Value/Comments
Document date
The date the original document is issued

Document type


Company code

1000 (Your Company Code)

Posting Date

The date used when entering the document in financial accounting or controlling


System defaults the period field


Transaction currency Eg. INR

Document number

Used to access the accounting document

Translation Date

Determines the exchange rate.  Not necessary if the date is the same as the document entry date


Click on indicator

First Line Item

Post Key
Determines the type of posting - debit or credit. System defaults to 31

Vendor Account
Account which is to be posted to with the next line 
item. Eg. 710068

Sp. G/L

Identifies the type of special G/L transaction
Trans. Type
Classifies the business transaction, controls various 
system activities when Business transactions 
are posted. 

Output – Results
Parked vendor invoice created and a document number assigned.

Procedural Steps

1.1. Access Park Vendor Invoice transaction by:

Via Menus
Accounting > Financial Accounting > Accounts Payable > Document Entry >
Via Transaction Code

1.2. On screen “Enter Vendor Invoice”, enter the following information:

Field Name
User Action and Values
Basic Data Tab

Vendor Number
Enter Vendor number
Enter vendor Eg: KNIT0001

Invoice Date
Invoice Date
Enter Invoice Date

Enter Amount / Section
Section Code
Enter Section code
Use drill down menu

Enter Text

Payment Tab

Base line Date

Base line date for determining the due date
System defaults the base line date as per payment terms. User can any how change it.

Pmnt Terms
Payment terms
System defaults the payment terms entered in the vendor master. How ever user can change at the time of document entry which over cedes the master record specified ones.
Drill down menu available
Details Tab

G/L Account
Reconciliation Account
System defaults the reconciliation account entered in the master record. User can change according to the requirements if the same vendor is supplying materials and services.

Business area
Business Area
Enter Business Area

With holding Tax Tab

Tax type
With holding tax type
System defaults the tax types and codes as assigned in the master record. Tax codes can be changed  by the user.
User can even enter the tax amount and tax base amount. They are kept ready for input.


G/L Account
General Ledger A/c (Expense A/c)
Enter the expense account which has the counter effect for this invoice

Amt.inDoc. Currency
Amount in Document currency
Enter the Amount

Business Area
Business Area
Enter Business Area

Cost  Centre
Cost Centre for this particular expense
Enter the cost centre for which this expense should be posted for

(Note:  On above table, in column  “R/O/C”:  “R” = Required, “O” = Optional, “C” = Conditional)

After the parameters entry click “Simulate” and if any error messages exist system shows the error log. Correct the error messages and click again “Simulate” and see the tax items and click “”PARK” button from the main menu of the invoice entry.

System shows the parked document generated


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